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Playa Potrero Surfside Paradise

Welcome to the seaside community of Surfside / Playa Potrero! A hidden tropical paradise carefully tucked away in the province of Guanacaste along Costa Rica’s north pacific Gold Coast. World famous for its amazing weather, abundant  restaurants and bars and pristine beaches, Surfside Potrero and the neighboring community of Playa Flamingo are at the epicenter of everything Costa Rica. Whether it’s dining seaside at a local soda, surfing, beach hopping, hiking and biking in the hills, snorkeling or deep sea fishing, the sister communities of Surfside and Playa Potrero are two perfect places to relax or perhaps call home. Explore Playa Potrero Today!

Surfside Potrero

Map of Playa Potrero

Get exact directions anywhere in Surfside or Playa Potrero with our easy to use interactive map. Simply find what you are looking for, click on “directions” and let your favorite navigation app (Waze, etc) handle the rest. Its that easy!


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