Playa Potrero Real Estate

Foreign real estate investment is booming in Costa Rica. This in part due to residency incentives that the country offers for investors, making moving to and living in Costa Rica relatively easy. People from all over the world are attracted to Costa Rica’s climate, ecological splendor, gentler cost of living and the relaxed pura vida lifestyle. Some are interested in a part-time vacation home; a place for their family and friends to visit. Others want a rental property to generate income and perhaps retire to later. Those ready to leave the rat race of the developed world behind are looking for the full immersion of a permanent move.

When planning to buy real estate in Costa Rica as a foreigner, there are many considerations to review. First and foremost is choosing where to buy. Costa Rica is a diverse country with many different kinds of real estate available for investment. Each region and town comes with advantages and disadvantages. Climate, amenities, safety, price, use, accessibility, property type and proximity to interests can all vary. It is important that a buyer understands their preferences before diving in to the task of finding the perfect property. 

One of the most popular areas to invest in real estate in Costa Rica is on the Gold Coast of Guanacaste, because it checks many boxes for buyers. This area arguably has the warmest year round weather in the country plus it is easily accessible from the international airport in Liberia. There are a string of picturesque coastal towns and fishing villages here that offer proximity to a long and growing list of amenities and activities. Property types and prices run the gamut, from undeveloped farmland (fincas) to multi-million dollar oceanfront estates and everything in between. The on-going influx of people and development also improves safety in the area.

Playa Potrero is a delightful, burgeoning Gold Coast town that has caught the eye of many foreign investors over the years. It is quieter and more relaxed than its neighboring beach towns because it is located on the northernmost stretch of the coastal road with only one more community beyond it, the prestigious Las Catalinas. Playa Potrero offers excellent proximity to all the area’s most desirable features like gorgeous beaches, excellent restaurants and amenities as well as a variety of tours, adventures and rentals. Much of what is enjoyable in Playa Potrero is within walking or biking distance and even more is only a few minutes drive away.

The town has a distinct balance of low-key bustle mixed with the serenity of untouched nature that makes it an especially great option for families. Considering Playa Potrero as a candidate for real estate investment is a must, whether it is for full-time living, part-time living, renting, leasing, building, farming or commercial use. What’s more is that there is currently a world class marina under construction on the south end of Potrero beach which is sure to draw even more attention to the area. As infrastructure and development grows to service the marina and its visitors, nearby real estate is sure to benefit in an increase in value.

Real estate in Playa Potrero is attractive because it is still more affordable than properties in the nearby beach towns of Playa Flamingo, Playa Conchal and Las Catalinas. Plus, the area is generally safer than Brasilito, Playa Grande, Matapalo, Huacas, Villareal and Tamarindo. Many expats from Canada, the United States and Europe have flocked to the Potrero area (including Potrero town, the newer Surfside neighbourhood and the hillsides of Pacific Heights) to become full time residents. A large inventory of vacation rentals and boutique hotels are also available throughout the Playa Potrero area. 

The best approach to buying real estate in Playa Potrero, or anywhere in Costa Rica, is to first visit in person. Coming to Playa Potrero for a week or two offers potential buyers the opportunity to explore and feel out the area first hand. This way they can see the benefits and possibilities of owning property in Playa Potrero for themselves and feel confident in proceeding with the steps of making an investment.