Playa Potrero Costa Rica The Beginner’s Guide

Playa Potrero, Costa Rica

Playa Potrero lays tucked away along the northern Pacific stretch of Costa Rica’s Gold Coast, about a one hour drive from Liberia International Airport. “Potrero” meaning paddock, is a place of convergence where surrounding pastures weave with protected dry forests and beautiful, beach-ridden shores, all teeming with wildlife. Its local history paints a pastoral picture of agricultural abundance; a remote cattle-ranching past built around an early fishing village. To this day, locals are seen line fishing in the waves and herds of cows amble along the streets and beaches of Potrero!

The Gold Coast

Costa Rica’s Gold Coast stretches along the northwest coastline of the Guanacaste province and boasts a vast collection of stunning beaches, dry forests, rocky hills and quaint towns. Up until the 1980’s this beautiful stretch of land was sparsely populated, with local inhabitants clustered mainly in fishing villages and around agricultural epicenters. The rural and remote aspects of the Gold Coast, and its lack of infrastructure, delayed the discovery of its stunning scenery and outstanding surf breaks. But, as more visitors explored the area in the 1990’s, Guanacaste’s agricultural economy began shifting towards providing services for tourism.


As tourism began to boom, the influx of investment and development soon followed. Quaint seaside villages grew into international sun and tour destinations while new communities quickly developed up and down the coast to fill the increasing demand for modern amenities, real estate and vacation rental accommodations. With the completion of Liberia’s Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport in 2012 and its subsequent expansion, more efficient access to the Gold Coast region led to rapid growth in the area. What were previously bumpy stretches of dirt roads with an occasional river crossing eventually evolved into paved roadways and bridges which allowed getting to and from Potrero to be a somewhat more civilized adventure.

Amazing Weather

Boasting over 300 days of sunshine per year, Playa Potrero weather draws sun lovers from around the globe. With consistent tropical heat and refreshing seaside breezes, the weather in Playa Potrero is highly desirable and perfect for outdoor enjoyment, both as play and relaxation.  As well, the climate and land features together create a unique natural ecosystem exclusive to Guanacaste, one to marvel at and explore.

Laid Back, Beach Lifestyle

Unlike the more touristic nearby beach towns of Tamarindo or Playa Flamingo, Playa Potrero is uniquely peaceful, making it a more laid back choice for those who prefer a slower pace. Following the winding roads of Potrero visitors can find stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and exotic overhanging forests alongside splendid modern conveniences, amenities and attractions. Visitors can opt to stay put and lounge on one of the many Playa Potrero beaches or venture further out to explore a variety of sights in the Guanacaste region. In Playa Potrero there is never a lack of adventure. Countless tours and natural wonders are discoverable at every turn. The diversity that Potrero offers, no doubt, explains its growing popularity.

A Home to Many

Over the years, Playa Potrero has not only become a tourist hot spot, but it has also earned a reputation as one of the best places to live. People from all over the world choose to either spend their winters on the Gold Coast or permanently relocate here. Playa Potrero offers all the essentials of the pura vida lifestyle that Costa Rica is known for. It is a haven for those no longer interested in the stressful grind of city life. Costa Rica offers many viable residency options for foreigners, making Playa Potrero an attractive option for investing in real estate. Infrastructure and opportunities here continue to evolve, for both foreigners and locals, as more and more people move to the area and call it home. Completion of the Flamingo Marina on Potrero Beach will also popularize this growing community, marking Playa Potrero as a world class destination.


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