Although quiet and unassuming compared to other beach towns on the Gold Coast, Playa Potrero is not lacking for things to do. There is an activity for everyone to enjoy close by. Many tour companies will even customize a bundle of activities to suit their customers interests.


The number one activity in the area, and what the region is renowned for, is award-winning sportfishing. Potrero’s fishing heritage remains strong with some of the best fishing in Costa Rica.  A world-class destination for sailfish fishing, local waters are also home to other large prey species including tuna, jack, marlin, swordfish, snapper (pargo), roosterfish, wahoo and dorado. For the adventurous fisher, a half-day or full-day sport fishing tour with one of many local providers is ideal. For a unique fishing experience, visitors can also try a catch and release kayak fishing tour which are best taken in the early morning. Guides on these tours will help to find safe, fishing hot spots and carry the necessary equipment on the way. Some of these fishing tours offer to clean your catch and have it cooked for you to eat at a local beachside restaurant, for an additional fee.

Diving and Snorkeling

The warm, blue waters surrounding Playa Potrero are abundant in diverse marine life that is discoverable on a local scuba diving or snorkeling adventure. Dive or snorkel tours to the nearby volcanically-formed Catalina or Bat Islands provide an up close encounter with an array of tropical reef fish, manta and devil rays, puffer fish, turtles, white-tip reef sharks, whale sharks, moray eels, dolphins, even humpback whales depending on the season. Certification is not required to scuba dive in Costa Rica so tour operators offer different options for different experience levels. For snorkeling, try a Jetski snorkel tour for a chance to jump in and experience multiple snorkeling hot spots in one day. It’s also easy to take a self-guided snorkeling excursion off the beach at Playa Penca or nearby Playa Danta with your own gear or rented gear. Head out early for the best snorkeling conditions.

Watercraft Activities

For those who prefer the ocean’s surface, watercraft activity options abound. Choose between sailing, kayaking, boogie boarding, stand up paddle boarding, Jetskiing, catamaran touring in search of private swimming spots or kicking back while sunset cruising. The waves in Potrero Bay aren’t known for surfing, but nearby beaches like Playa Flamingo or Playa Brasilito are great for surfing and are only a few minutes drive away. Or, head a little further out, to more popular surf spots like Playa Grande or Tamarindo, both approximately 30 minutes drive away. Surf lessons for all levels are easy to find in these spots. For seasoned surfers, booking an excursion by boat to surf the famous Witch’s Rock or Ollie’s Point is a must.

Horseback Riding

Along with its cattle ranching history, Potrero has a prolific equestrian community. Local stables offer beautiful, well-trained horses, most of which are a smaller, native workhorse breed called Paso Costarricense. This breed is typically a mix of European Andalusian, Peruvian Pasos and Berber breeds. Also common are the smooth riding Paso Finos and Pinto breeds. Western-style horseback riding tours, offered in the mornings or late afternoons, provide an opportunity to view the beautiful terrain of the Gold Coast in a gentle, natural way. Explore the mountains, dry forests and authentic local villages or glimpse the setting rays of the sun while cantering along the beaches and walking in the waves. Long or short tours are available for both beginners and experts. Or, for the English-style rider who wants a warm-weather riding fix, Potrero is home to stables offering lessons in outdoor arenas surrounded by lush tropical foliage.

Exploring Nature

Potrero is the perfect place to set off on your own nature excursion. Quieter and with development more spaced out than touristic towns like Tamarindo or Flamingo, Potrero retains a balance with nature. The area is interspersed with beautiful opportunities to connect with flora and fauna. Much of Potrero is quite flat which means exploring on foot or by bicycle is easier, and also more respectful to nature. Head to the beaches to witness pelicans and egrets vying for dinner at a bait ball close to shore. Take a walk through the Surfside residential community to listen to a ceaseless concert of tropical birds, like parakeets and magpie jays. Marvel at the howler monkey families up in the neighborhood’s fruit-laden mango trees or get up close to the infamous, roaming Potrero cow herds.